Baron 58 Cockpit Simulator

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Weather Radar

For the Baron58 weather radar I'm using a modified PSone LCD screen (5") and AOG's SA_WXR software. The software runs on a seperate  PC connected via WideFS and FSUIPC


Features of SA_WXR

bulletRealistic weather radar simulation for use with a own PC or in connection with a FMC
bullet Based on the Collins WXR2100 weather radar
bullet Realistic beam (3,5° width) with adjustable tilt  (+/-15°) and 160° angle of view.
bullet WX and WX+TURB modes and Test image
bullet 10NM up to 320NM range, settable via Keyboard or from PM ND display range
bulletOff-sets are available for programming keys/switches (writing/reading offsets)
bullet Simulated path attenuation and simulated compensation within 80NM (PAC) including the PAC ALERT as modelled in the Collins WXR2100
bullet High cloud formations (thunderstorms, towering cumulus) are divided into “sub clouds”, to model the different reflections at different altitude stages
bullet Simulated ground reflections based on a simple elevation model ! So cloud reflections can be embedded within ground clutter as in reality.
bullet Simulation of the real Collins WXR2100 features OFP (over fly protection) and the GCS (ground clutter suppression).
bullet You need not to set 3D Clouds, it works in depended of any cloud density or range settings
bullet Works together with Project Magenta Navigation displays, so the radar image can be displayed within them, as in reality !  

Weather radar working on the PSone screen, pictures below

Panel, lcd-screen, buttons and knobs assembled 


Carefully packed by Schaeffer

Some photo's of the SA-WXR running on the PSOne LCD


LCD construction


Using Plexiglas and 4 x 6mm busses to protect the backside of the LCD screen. 

Front panel design 




Above the mechanism for the push buttons; the left buttons will push directly on the tactile buttons of the PSOne PCB (brightness + /-). The right buttons will be used the switch the radar functions OFP and GCS on/off. The switch contacts are  build within

The rods have will be shorted to the right length (as soon as panel is finalised) 


The picture below shows a potmeter with a neutral 'click' in the middle of the rotation (like the balance in a radio). 
We used a basic 10kOhm potmeter assembled in a small mechanism with a small spring and a small ball, that clicks in a hole in a small cilinder that is fixed on the potmeter shaft . 

The potmeter will be used to set the TILT (from -15 degrees to +15 degrees with a neutral 0 degrees)





I'm using a modified PSOne screen for displaying the weather radar. This screen is connected to the TV-out connector on the video card

Backside of graphics card with (Left to  Right): DVI, S-Video (tv-out) and  VGA.

Computer S-video to  TV composite video


If you want to use a VGA output to connect to the PSOne it is possible to hack the PSOne. I added some links below. Opinions vary if this is worth the effort. The "Video Output" Quality and the "VGA Output Quality" seem to come close

LINKS to Modifying/Hacking a PSOne screen

bullet (connector info)




Bendix RDR-160 



GWX 68: 

GWX 68



Flightmax EX500: 




Below some screen from the SA_WXR manual



pictures above: some SA_WXR screens



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