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Weather symbols/maps

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Surface Weather Depiction

Surface Weather Depiction

Flight Conditions

Color of station as well as labeled directly to the right of station circle.
VFR (white) visibility greater than 5 miles and ceiling greater than 3000 ft.
MVFR (green) visibility between 3 and 5 miles and/or ceiling between 1000 and 3000 ft.
IFR (yellow) visibility less than 3 miles and/or ceiling less than 1000 ft.
LIFR (red) visibility less than or equal to 1 mile and/or ceiling less than or equal to 500 ft.
VLIFR (purple) visibility less than or equal to 1/2 mile and/or ceiling less than or equal to 200 ft.


Number directly below station circle in hundreds of feet if a ceiling is present.


Number to the left of station circle. Value is in units normally reported in METAR for that region. North America reports visibility in statute miles, most other international areas report visibility in meters. If visibility is greater than or equal to 6 sm or 10,000 meters, it is omitted from the map

Present Weather

Weather symbol is directly to the left of station circle if station is reporting weather

Wind Direction and Speed

Wind flag used to indicate wind direction and speed. Speed value is in same units as reported in METAR. Most observations use knots, some countries (Russia and China) use meters per second


Surface Weather Analysis

Surface Fronts Cold fronts are dark blue, warm fronts are red, occluded fronts are purple, stationary fronts are alternating red/blue. Surface Troughs are dashed purple lines

Solid white lines representing contours of sea-level pressure. Drawn at 4 mb intervals and labeled with the pressure (1008 = 1008 mb and 996 = 996 mb).

Pressure Centers

Blue H denotes center of high sea-level pressure, and red L denotes center of Low sea-level pressure. Value of central pressure is labeled beneath the center with the last two digits (1008 = 1008 mb and 996 = 996 mb).

Tropical Systems

The current position of all tropical systems is depicted on the map using standard symbols. A red "L" denotes a Tropical Depression (wind speed less than 35 kts), a red tropical symbol with a hole in the middle denotes a Tropical Storm (wind speed between 35 and 64 kts), and a solid filled symbol denotes a hurricane/typhoon/tropical cyclone (wind speed greater than 64 kts).

Present Weather

Any station reporting present weather is depicted with the appropriate weather sybmol in yellow at the airport location. To identify the type of weather, see the map symbol help page.

Temperature Contours

Dotted light blue lines represent contours of current temperature as reported by all available stations in the region.

Radar Base Reflectivity

U.S. maps only. Contains latest NEXRAD base reflectivity overlay.




Weather Symbols



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