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GPS Garmin 296

As GPS for the Baron simulator I use a real Garmin GPS, the same as I use for real flying: a Garmin GPSMap 296. The GPS is connected to FlightSimulator using a serial cable and Pete Dowsons’ software program “GPSOut”.



Click on picture above to see a videoclip using the Garmin 296 with FS2004 using GPSout

Garmin 296

 The Garmin GPSMap 296 builds on the Garmin 196 and 295. I added pictures of some of the screens and of its housing. The 296 has some new features like ‘terrain cautions and alerts’.

The possibilities of the 296 are very comprehensive.

bulletDetailed moving map
bulletHSI display, incl. VNAV (non IFR)
bulletExtended runway centrelines displays
bullet3.8” colour display (480 x 320)
bulletJeppesen database, Obstacle database, Terrain database & basemap
bulletAirspace, Airport, Runway information


(source: GPSOut Readme file; GPSout.ini file)  

The GPSOut software comes with a GPSOUT.INI and a GPSOUT.DLL file. GPSout.ini and .dll should both go into the Flight Simulator Modules folder.

 Connect your flying PC to your moving map PC with a serial "null modem" cable (ie send and receive crossed over).

It is also known to work with real Garmin GPS units which support input in the "Series 400 Aviation" format (this may also be known as ARNAV, or KING format, but I cannot be sure of that). For this you should set just AV400 as the only sentence, and the speed is normally 9600 in this format, but it may be adjustable.

I've received confirmation that the "Aviation In" mode works with the AV400 protocol, with the Garmin GPS III Pilot and the GPS 196.

The GPS has to be in simulator mode, and then shows the correct track and vertical data as well as position and speed.


I use the following configuration: (tested and working!!!); using GSPOUT 2.601




The Garmin GPSMap 296 settings are:

Aviation In



The AIRGIZMO GPS DOCK is used to mount the GPS in the panel (see pics below)

above the GPS dock assembled in the panel

Our  first panel mount: To mount the GPS to the Baron panel we designed a Panel-mount so the GPS could be removed from the panel. Disadvantage of this system is that the GPS had to be put in the mount via the backside of the panel. Therefore we changed to the AIRGIZMO DOCK


 GPS mounted in the panel

Pictures of Garmin GPSmap 296



HSI page 

Position data page

cable connector

Terrain alert page



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