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7 segment display brightness issue

For various cocpitpanels I have bought 32 x 9mm red SC36-11 HWA 7-segm displays (Knightbright).

After connecting and testing the brightness was disappointing weak. Therfore I did some forum research on the Opencockpits site. I found the info below and also stated some of the conclusions. For me it means buying 32 new 7-segm displays (and new 7-segm displays pcb's). 

Knighbright info (0.36inch /SX36)

Part No.
Common Anode
Part No.
Common Cathode
Package Description Material λ D(nm) Iv (ucd) @10mA
Iv (ucd) @10mA
SA36-11EWA SC36-11EWA 0.36inch(9.14mm)Gray Face White Segment GaAsP/GaP 625 480 1900  
SA36-11SRWA SC36-11SRWA 0.36inch(9.14mm)Gray Face White Segment GaAIAs 640 1200 6400  
SA36-11YWA SC36-11YWA 0.36inch(9.14mm)Gray Face White Segment GaAsP/GaP 588 300 1200  
SA36-11GWA SC36-11GWA 0.36inch(9.14mm)Gray Face White Segment GaP 568 480 1900  



see following refs

LED Display 


remark: HWA is not in the specsheet ??

Opencockpits forum discussions / quotes about this topic

very weak LED display


The  LED Display -SC36 11 EWA have 1800 ucd luminous intensity, that's three times more then Kingbright 9mm red SC36-11 HWA (600 ucd) // remark the specsheet says 1200 ucd ??


Display card use 74HC540 for give 20ma for each line. This intensity is good for displays used in cockpits.



sc36-11ywa versus HDSP-7403: 


"HDSP-7403 are brighter and smaller than sc36-11ywa" 


low brightness with SC36 11 EWA



brighter yellow 7-segment displays


"kingbright SC36:  the yellow digits are too dim" 


Opencockpits 'new' 7 segment display: HDSP-7403:


 Opencockpits 'old' 7 segment display: Knightbright SC36-11YWA: 

Selectionguide SX36; source: opencockpits

converted to 20mA it would be 2x1200 ucd = 2400 ucd


Selectionguide SX36; source: conrad



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