Baron 58 Cockpit Simulator

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Throttle Quadrant






almost finished (gear has to be assembled on the trimwheel axis and the right prop knob has to be fixed on the handle.


Gear mechanisms en potmeters ready for assembly

Gear mechanism for the throttle handles (ratio 1:3). The throttle-handles will be placed on the large gearwheel, The small gearwheel is connected to the potmeter (10kOhm, with max rotation of approx 300 degrees). The potmeters will be connected to the A/D converters of the Opencockpits IOcard controllers

Trimmechanism including a  servo to steer the trim indicator in the housing (the 3 wires of the servo are visible. The trim wheel will be fixed on a rotary encoder


Modular set-up of the mechanisms. On the right side additional space for the trim mechanism

knobs are made on a lathe.

Throttle, prop and mixture knobs (made from round wood)

Handles assembled (the trimindicator on the left is just for testing purposes). The indicator used is on the picture below

Throttle, prop and mixture knobs (painted)

Trim wheel indicator (the arc on the picture). On the arc the scale will be glued. Indicator is driven by a servo and a gear. The indicator moves free over the metal axis. On the axis the trim wheel will be assembled (fixed). The metal axis is connected to a rotary encoder.

25 pins connector assembled on the bottom of the throttle Q.

Servo with gear for the trimindicator (Conrad)



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