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KN63 and KDI572 DME

pictures of my DME set-up

DME assembled in the main panel (almost finalised)


7-segment displays (via Conrad.) and leds assembled between two blocks.

Backside of the DME block with the 3 display PCB's and 6 wires that are connected to the 3 LEDs

Transparency , text (NM, KT and MIN) will be illuminated by the 3 red leds


Panel designed with "Frontpanel designer" and made by Schaeffer

concept picture of DME set-up


Some pictures and the specs of the real KN63 and KDI572


KDI 572 & KN 63



KDI 572


Bendix/King's Silver Crown KN 63 offers high performance DME features in one compact, low-cost package.

The TSO'd KN 63 is a complete 100 watt, 200 channel remote DME system utilizing the latest-state-of-the-art Large Scale Integrated (LSI) circuit technology. Offering significant advantages in DME reliability and performance, the KN 63 is all solid-state (no transmitter tubes) and can be installed with either single or dual panel indicators.

Distances up to 389 nm (at line of sight altitude), groundspeeds up to 999 knots, and time to station up to 99 minutes are computed digitally and displayed simultaneously on the easy-to-read KDI 572/573 panel displays.

Distance lock on is virtually instantaneous (usually within one second) with accurate ground speed and time to station readouts following in less than a minute.

Simultaneous display of DME distance, groundspeed and time-to-station, plus exclusive RNAV and DME Hold annunciation are provided with the panel mounted KDI 572 or KDI 574 Master Indicators and the KDI 573 Slave Indicator. All displays feature large, easy-to-read gas discharge numeric which automatically dim to adjust for changes in ambient light level. The KDI 572 (or KDI 574 with remote switch) is required in all installations, while the KDI 573 is optional.

The KDI 572 or 574 Master Indicators will accept channelling data from either of two external NAV receivers. A rotary switch on the KDI 572 display is used to turn the system on and select NAV 1 or NAV 2 channelling or DME Hold. The KDI 574 uses a remote switch to control the system. The units will accept several NAV receiver codes. These include ARINC 2 x 5, shifted BCD, slip code parallel tuning, or the exclusive Bendix/King serial tuning. DME channelling wires connect directly to the KDI 572 or KDI 574, making installation fast, easy and economical.

The companion KDI 573 unit is an optional slave indicator with no mode selector function switch. This indicator repeats DME information on a co-pilot's panel display.


bulletTSO Compliance 
bulletChannels: 200 channels
bulleta. All solid state transmitter 
bulletb. Electronically tuned by single crystal, digital, frequency synthesizer 
bulletc. Range, speed, and time-to-station measured digitally, using large scale integrated circuits 
bulletd. Gas discharge display 
bulletOutput Power: 50 watts peak pulsed power minimum, 100 watts nominal 
bulletMaximum Display Range*
bullet389 nautical miles 
bulletAcquisition Sensitivity
bullet-82dBm minimum, -87dBm nominal
bulletRange Accuracy* 
bullet.1 nautical mile or .14%, whichever is greater from 0 to 99.9 nautical miles. 
bullet1 nautical mile from 100 to 389 nautical miles 
bullet*The maximum range at which the DME will lock on is determined by altitude, ground station output power, and receiver sensitivity.
bulletGroundspeed Accuracy: 1 knot or 1 %, whichever is greater from 0 to 999 knots.
bulletTime-to-Station Accuracy:  1 minute from 0 to 99 minutes. 
bulletSearch Time:  1.0 second nominal. 
bulletMemory Time: 11 to 15 seconds. 
bulletAudio Output (Ident): Level adjustable up to 15mw into 600 ohm load, nominally set for 2mw. 
bulletMaximum altitude: 50,000 feet 
bulletKN 63 Dimensions and Weight (Including mounting rack and connectors) 
bulletLength: 11.55 inches (29.34 cm) 
bulletWidth: 1.18 inches (3.00 cm) 
bulletHeight: 6.50 inches (16.51 cm) 
bulletWeight: 2.8 lbs. (1.27kg) 
bulletKDI 572, KDI 573 and KDI 574 Dimensions and Weight (Including connector) 
bulletLength behind panel: 8.35 inches (21.21 cm) 
bulletWidth: 3.50 inches (8.89 cm) 
bulletHeight: 1.35 inches (3.43 cm) 
bulletWeight: .8 lb. (.363 kg) KDI 572 
bulletWeight:. 71b. (.318 kg) KDI 574 
bulletPower Requirements (KN 63)*: 11-33VDC at 17 watts maximum with two indicators 
bulletChannelling Sources 
bulleta. External control head providing shifted BCD code such as KFS 560B 
bulletb. External control head providing ARINC 2x5 code such as KX 170 and KFS 560B 
bulletc. External control head providing slip code such as KX 170A. KX 170B. KX 175A, and KX 175B 
bulletd. External control head providing Bendix/King serial tuning such as KX 155/KX 165. 
bulletKDI 572 Lighting
bullet066-01069-0000----.065 amps at 28V or .13 amps at 14V 
bullet066-01069-0001---.23 amps at 5V 
bullet*The KDI 572, KDI 573 and KDI 574 do not require power from the aircraft power buss. 
bulletAll power required is supplied by the KN 63.


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