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King KA-285 Annunciator Panel


THE KA-285 ANNUNCIATOR PANEL provides the pilot with continuous information on system operating status. It shows modes in operation e.g. NAV, HDG, AP, ALT, APPR , as well as modes “armed” prior to capture. It also displays Marker Beacon lights and a Trim Fault warning.

It is located on the main panel above the attitude indicator.

KA 285 Finalized




Marker Beacons:

bulletO blue/outer
bulletM orange/middle
bulletI white/inner



Trim failure


picture of real King KA 285  

picture of real King KA 285  

picture of my own build kA285 






PCB for the new info panel
Did not like the wired info panel, so made a PCB for it. The resistors and connectors will be placed on the reverse side; the leds on this (copper) side.


Old and the new  info panel

First leds in place on the PCB

Old (above) and new (below) frame

with old frame

Testing two indicators (HDG and the blue outer marker indicator)


I used the technique that is often used by the flightdeck simpit builders:
- Printed the text on transparency sheet. 
- Put some adhesive collared tape on the other side to get the right colours and have some diffusion of the led light

A pertinax block (approx 8 mm) as a housing for the indicator led. Pertinax because it is "easy" to shape and very strong

Rough assembly, on top frame (by Schaeffer AG), Plexiglas window behind the frame, on the backside the LEDS and the connector


Light shining through the holes


Assembly of the info panel on the (not finished) mainpanel



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